Listen, we do a lot of stuff. We like listening parties, we love workshops, and we REALLY love putting on shows. We’re down to get our hands dirty and put on a concert in any space ranging from a garage to a stage. The important thing, for us, is getting composers and performers together and finding ways for them to benefit one another. Our performers get brand new pieces as well as the opportunity to workshop those pieces so that they’re written at the highest level, and composers get to (duh) write pieces at the highest level with the help of performers. We’ve worked with pre-formed groups as well as collections of performers who just want to do it for a good time.

Generally concerts are completely curated and organized by the Guerrilla Composers Guild, so composers can focus on writing and performers can focus on rehearsing. Often one or both of the founders (Nick Benavides and Danny Clay) will contribute pieces to the program and they themselves be a part of the workshopping process. All concerts have a social aspect to them with refreshments and forums to help the performers and composers in future endeavors.


Our goal is to cater to composers who will professionally benefit from an experience with us. We offer recordings, workshops, and performances that will help move your career forward. We have a strong preference for Bay Area composers since we can directly help them produce the piece they would like to produce.

What you get (on average), should you be accepted and programmed on one of our concerts:
– A live performance (likely at the Center for New Music)
– A live recording with a professional setup
– Two workshops with the performers (one to introduce you to their group, the second to run a draft)
– The chance to interact with peers and bounce ideas off of them through the writing process
– The chance to hear feedback in the form of a forum during and after the concert with the audience
– The support of the Guerrilla Composers Guild community from there on out!

Click here for a list of past participants.

This type of experience isn’t for everybody, as we do not pay commissioning fees of any sort to composers, and we allow the audience and your peers to comment on your music.


You guys are the reason things get done, and we do our best to make sure you’re happy! We understand your hard work, and do our best to make sure you absolutely love every piece that you receive. You get to be a part of the compositional process and have an influence on how people are writing for you, rather than pick up a score when the deadline hits and grapple with all the problems associated with doing so. By being a part of the workshop, you can explain what it is you play and how you play. It’s a really old model for writing music, though it has fallen out of favor the past few decades. We are trying to bring it back for the betterment of the new music community.

What you get (on average):
– A set of new pieces for you and you alone to premiere
– Two workshopping sessions to help the composers along with the process
– A performance arranged and organized for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything except rehearsals. Most performances are at the Center for New Music.
– A recording of your set
– Either Nick Benavides, Danny Clay, or both as composers on your set

When possible, we fight for grant money to help pay the performers for their time, though at this point in the organization it is not guaranteed. Often money from sales at the door is used to cover expenses for putting on the concert, and any remaining money is frequently given to the performers. If you are a group that has a strong repertoire already or is in need of guaranteed payment then we are sorry to say we cannot accommodate you right now, but once we find that sugar daddy granter we will of course update our website and be happy to!

Interested groups should write us a message as soon as possible, as we are beginning to program out many months in advance.