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Embedded below is a playlist of videos from our recent performance of Teleformation at the Temescal Arts Center! We were so proud with how this turned out, and we hope you enjoy all the music, both old and new.


The Guerrilla Composers Guild presents Teleformation: the symbiosis of early and new musical styles and ideas. Following a long tradition of transforming baroque ideas by pioneers like Mozart and Halvorsen, the Guerrillas are putting their own spin on reimagining baroque forms and styles. The composers are collaborating with dynamic Bay Area performers Vijay Chalasani (viola), Crystal Pascucci (cello), and Chris Whitley (violin), to produce a show that intertwines the forms of the vintage masters with the styles of rising local talent. The pieces range from solo viola to string trio, and audience members will be treated to the perfect pairing of early and new in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Works by: Benavides, Biber, Clay, Colombo, Halvorsen, Mozart, and Withrow

Performances by: Vijay Chalasani, Crystal Pascucci, and Chris Whitley

Recording and mixing by: Nick Benavides
Video by: Nick Benavides and Maggie Beidelman

Performed at the Temescal Arts Center in Oakland, CA

Read the review in the Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-guerrilla-composers-guild-brings-old-and-new-music-to-c4nm

Teleformation Videos (Temescal Arts Center)

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