Who does the Guerrilla Composers Guild benefit?

Anybody with a heart or soul. We’re here to put on shows for people who want to experience art as either a performer, a writer, or a listener. If you don’t like art then this might not be for you. Hell, we even benefit audience members who want to chat, since a big part of what we do is open up the floor for open discussion. Our idea is to bring composers into contact with not only performers but also productive feedback, and to bring performers into contact with composers that they really want to work with.

I’m a composer and I really want to get in on the action. How? Where is the action?

Definitely like us on facebook to get the most recent news, because we are always doing different projects and there is no one way to write music for us.

When I apply, is there a fee involved?

We are opposed to wasting your money (we know, it sucks to pay fee after fee), so we don’t charge application fees whatsoever. We want everybody to have the opportunity to be considered for our projects.

Do I need to have already written a piece for that ensemble to apply?

Nope. You only need to have an idea that grabs our attention and a sample of your past work. If we were to have an orchestra project (ha!) then you could either submit an orchestra piece in line with the call, or an art song that just shows off how cool you are.

I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming… can I get some love?

Well, you’re already pretty lucky for living there, but unfortunately we aren’t equipped to fly people out for our shows. One day we’ll meet a prince charming who will shower us with money, but until then we have to do things on the cheap. Please still follow us online and watch our announcements, as we really want to find a way to include you as soon as we work out the details!

I’ve sold more records than Justin Timberlake (and/or am Justin Timberlake). Would you consider me for a project?

Though we share a commonality in that we are both bringing sexy back, this group is mostly for emerging talent that needs a career boost. We’d love it if you checked out a show!

I’m a performer, and I want to team up and commission some new pieces for me and my group. How do we get this moving along?

First of all, we commend you for being so awesome. Second, if your group is serious, then let’s meet up! We are always open to scheming our next big project. In the past we’ve worked with collections of interested performers as well as pre-formed ensembles who would like some new pieces to show off to the world. We’re flexible. Shoot us a message at guerrillacomposer@gmail.com, or write us on facebook.

I want to come to the show. What should I expect?

You should expect to be WOWED. Ok seriously though, you should expect a good time. We provide food and drink when the budget allows, and encourage you to hang out and chat with the performers and composers. We even open up the floor so you can talk about what you heard during intermission and after the last piece. Even if you don’t know what a quarter note is, so long as your ears are open, you have something important to add.