We’ll bet you’re curious as to who we have worked with… we are, too. That’s why we like to keep this list here! We’re pretty proud of the number of people who have had a part in making music with us. The lists are generally organized in chronological order with the most recent up top.


*Nick Benavides
*Danny Clay


Siroko Duo (TBD):
One Great City:
Emma Logan
Michael Kropf

Winnie Nieh and Matt Schwede:
*Matt Beohler
*Aaron Gervais
*Bryan Lin
*Colin Martin
*Yumeng Zheng

Areon Flutes:
*Patrick Castillo
Eric Choate
*Emma Logan
Ryan Rey

Transient Canvas:
*Robert Nance
*Brenna Noonan
*Crystal Pascucci
Jon Yu

Ignition Duo:
(NB & DC)
*Nick Bacchetto
*Julie Barwick
Anthony Porter
*Kyle Randall
*Dan VanHassel
*Chace Wall

(NB & DC)
*Joseph Colombo
*Sam Withrow

*Mark Ackerley

*Nathan Campbell
*Alex Christie
*Matthias Mcintire
*Benjamin Pesetsky

Jarring Sounds:
(NB & DC)
Kyle Hovatter

*Justin Ralls
*Garrett Shatzer
*Jon Yu
Winton White

Hot Air Music Festival 2014:
(NB & DC)
Brendon Randall-Myers

*Ben Wallace

International Low Brass Trio:
(NB & DC)
*Eric Choate

*Shahab Paranj
*Matthew Joseph Payne
*Martin Ulikhanyan
*Andrew Vickers
*Lillian Yee

Percussion Project:
*Luis Escareño

*Lucas Floyd
*Kyle Hovatter
*Kaito Nakahori
*Ryan Rey

Vocal Music Showcase:
(NB & DC)
*Leslie LaBarre

*Todd Lerew
*Elizabeth Kimble
*Anthony Porter
*Lucas Ramirez
*Brendon Randall-Myers
*Nico Samanez
*Jeremy White
*Winton White

*Tally: 48 original composers so far!

Performers (in order of most recent appearance):

One Great City
Winnie Nieh and Matt Schwede
Areon Flutes

Transient Canvas

Ignition Duo

Teleformation (Vijay Chalasani, Crystal Pascucci, Chris Whitley)

Jarring Sounds
International Low Brass Trio
GCG Hot Air Ensemble (John Angel, Mason Fish, Elizabeth Hall, Christy Kim, Matt Linder, Doug Machiz, Robbie Nance, Helen Newby, Jessie Nucho, Justin Sun, Elizabeth Talbert, & Bethanne Walker)
SFCM Percussion Studio (McKenzie Camp, Matt Centanni, Elizabeth Hall, & Nick Matthieson)
GCG Vocal Ensemble (Nick Benavides, Elizabeth Kimble, Matthew Peterson, Danielle Reutter-Harrah, Winton White, Anthony Porter)


The Center for New Music
Musically Minded Academy
Temescal Arts Center
Zion Lutheran Church
Nick’s Guerrilla Garage