“Anyone who thinks classical music is going the way of the telephone booth needs to be kidnapped by the Guerrilla Composers Guild (GCG) and taken to the Center for New Music holding pen… I can now die in peace knowing art music will continue to prosper… Speaking in Early Telephone Booth lingo, my Hat Is Off to all concerned with this Guerrilla enterprise.”

– Jeff Dunn, the San Francisco Classical Voice

Called the “new music impresarios of San Francisco” (Cy Musiker, KQED), the Guerrillas were founded in San Francisco in 2012 by a few unruly souls, and serve to keep their finger on the pulse of the new music scene and promote both creation and listening. They have worked with some of the best young talent in the Bay Area such as (Jarring Sounds, Phonochrome, and the International Low Brass Trio to name a few) and are active at the Center for New Music in San Francisco. They have commissioned and premiered over 35 new pieces from over 30 composers as well as advocated the repeat performances of new music, as both are vital.


The Guerrilla Composers Guild hosts listening parties, music forums, and performances where musicians and Guerrilla Groupies get together to make good stuff happen. Sometimes things might be in a performance space, and sometimes they might be in a garage. Their true love is their ongoing commissioning project where they work directly with performers to curate a concert by putting out a call and selecting composers that are the best fit for that ensemble. As a mutually beneficial project, the performers and composers get to workshop the new pieces so that the concert is polished beyond what would normally be available with dropped off scores and little to no contact.

The two permanent members of the Guerrilla Composers Guild are Nick Benavides and Danny Clay, who work to curate and organize each concert as well as write music for the performers. Each performance uses a rotating cast of other composers, giving us flexibility a normal collective might not have.

Interested composers and performers, please keep an eye on the facebook page for announcements.


Nick Benavides is one of the original founders and a currentNick-3723n copy co-director of the Guerrilla Composers Guild, helping to plan events and curate concerts, sometimes even writing new pieces for them.


76831_492980202754_5763994_nDanny Clay is just a guy from Ohio – now living in San Francisco – who is interested in making things, whether it be alone or in collaboration with other artists. As a co-director of the Guerrilla Composers Guild, he spends a lot of time working on helping to curate new concerts.


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