new_areon_headshotLeading up to our Areon Flutes show, we will be writing about a few of our composers and performers! Eric Choate told us a bit about himself in an interview in preparation for the big show at the Center for New Music.

Be sure to check out the show at the Center for New Music on April 15. Read the preview in the Examiner.

Tickets will be available at the door, and rest assured we will have wine present.

choateA3I like to imagine what my musical heritage is; that is, which composers can I hear in my own music whether intentional or not. The composers that come up most frequently for me are: Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Copland, Frank Martin, Henri Dutilleux, Herbert Howells. It’s quite the variety of composers but they all have such a distinctive personality and unique harmonic language. They’re also the composers I turn to most frequently when I think “How did he do that? How did he orchestrate that? How does he work out transitions? How did he voice that chord?” Other people’s music usually drives me to write other music. Of course I am inspired by poetry, architecture, the landscape, experiences. But most often, my musical impulse is driven by other music that resonates with me.I love what GCG is doing.

I love the opportunity to write, hear, revise, and be involved throughout the rehearsal process. I think the projects they come up with aren’t things that I would otherwise do, so it’s a good way to force myself to do something new, interesting, and even daring. I also love Areon’s commitment to new, often times local music. They perform on 12038626_10206184435384655_5894682101668287502_oa very high level and love new music. It seemed like it would be very exciting collaboration (and has turned out to be, too).

I thought a set of miniatures would be appropriate for three flutes (even if just on a poetic level, since the instrument is small). I wanted to try to really exploit the possibilities of texture given three flutes. I had so many ideas that I couldn’t imagine them in a single movement piece. Rather, I decided to create a handful of little seeds, or postcards. Each of them are connected by related melodic content, but developed and “orchestrated” in different ways. It was fantastic and very educational to get to play with the material with the musicians right there.

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Interview with composer Eric Choate

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