new_areon_headshotLeading up to our Areon Flutes show, we will be writing about a few of our composers and performers! Emma Logan told us a bit about herself in an interview in preparation for the big show at the Center for New Music.

Be sure to check out the show at the Center for New Music on April 15. Read the preview in the Examiner.

Tickets will be available at the door, and rest assured we will have wine present.

Emma Logan-1005My name is Emma Logan and I’m a composer based in San Francisco. I began taking piano lessons when I was 7 years old, which lead to playing percussion in middle school concert band, which quickly morphed into high school marching band, and ultimately lead me to studying percussion and composition in college. What began as an impulse, choosing composition as my primary degree, has turned into a beautiful journey, full of possibilities and exploration.

What thrills me most about writing music is the collaborative element. I love writing with someone/some ensemble in mind and I love the discussions that occur during the creative process. I learn so much from working closely with performers and am forever grateful for every moment of interaction. My style is mostly tonal and I focus on creating lyrically lines, no matter what instrument I’m writing for. Like many composers, my style is constantly evolving to incorporate what I hear, my emotions and experiences, and my overall development as a human being. Recently, I began exploring storytelling in my music, whether explicitly stated through program notes or lyrics, or just as a catalyst for myself during the creative process.

Since moving to the Bay Area in 2013, I have loved the Guerrilla Composers Guild and Areon Flutes. I knew immediately that I wanted to collaborate with both groups and I am so happy to do so now. I was a little nervous going into the first workshop, but from the first moment, I felt so at ease talking with the performers and the other composers. It’s nice to hear others’ ideas and thoughts, especially in such a welcoming environment like the one GCG creates in their workshops. I think people should listen to the constant interplay between the flutes. I wanted to create a piece with distinct personalities represented musically and to make something fun with a lot of contrast for Areon Flutes to play.IMG_5073

On April 10th at 2pm at the Center for New Music, Fête Concerts presents the music of living women composers. My song cycle, Even Though I Don’t Miss You, featuring the funny and contemporary poetry of Chelsea Martin, will be performed alongside other Bay Area composers. On May 23 and 24th at 7:30pm, the Balboa Theatre in the Richmond is presenting “Méliès Madness” featuring Bay Area composers and performers. I’m writing music for two whimsical (and slightly bombastic) George Méliès short films. It should be a fun night, complete with all your favorite movie snacks! On June 11th at 8pm, Ensemble for These Times celebrates their CD release with a concert with Trinity Chamber Concerts in Berkeley. The night will feature three world premieres, including my newest song cycle, Songs from the Book of Light, featuring the beautifully compelling poetry of Lucille Clifton.

April 10th, 2pm, at the Center for New Music (55 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA) – Fête Concerts presents the music of living women composers, including my song cycle, Even Though I Don’t Miss You, featuring the poetry of Chelsea Martin.

May 23-24th, 7:30pm, at the Balboa Theatre (3630 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA) – “Méliès Madness” featuring Bay Area composers and performers presenting new music for silent films by the whimsical and bombastic French filmmaker, George Méliès.

June 11th, 8:00pm, at Trinity Chamber Concerts (2320 Dana St, Berkeley, CA) – Ensemble for These Times performs music from their new album alongside three world-premieres, including my newest song cycle, Songs from the Book of Light, featuring the poetry of Lucille Clifton.

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Interview with composer Emma Logan

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