new_areon_headshotLeading up to our Areon Flutes show, we will be writing about a few of our composers and performers! Ryan Rey told us a bit about himself in an interview in preparation for the big show at the Center for New Music.

Be sure to check out the show at the Center for New Music on April 15. Read the preview in the Examiner.

Tickets will be available at the door, and rest assured we will have wine present.

RyanRey MJPatArtBoutikiTechnology has always played a significant role in my creative process. Along with various recording devices and software, I explored the use of electronic effects pedals with my own guitar playing – especially delay and reverb. Utilizing various technologies allowed me to explore a range of sonic possibilities. This also coincided with the music I enjoyed listening to. Bands like Radiohead and Sigur Rós blended the same kinds of effects with their rock style and were some of my earliest musical influences.I didn’t begin formal music study until college, and it was at that time that I was introduced to music of the minimalist variety. The process of manipulation and layering of patterns fit the same musical aesthetic found in the bands I listened to. The combination of these and other elements are what influence my writing today. Narrowing down a few specific qualities found in my writing would be: patterns and rhythms that groove, layers that mimic the delay effect, and a touch of spacey atmosphere.

I first heard about the Guerrilla Composers Guild when they were planning an event in 2012 called, “Speed Dating: A Promiscuous Night of New Music.” I missed that event, but was fortunate to be apart of the Percussion Project the following year. After that experience, I knew I wanted to work with GCG again. The workshops alone make these collaborations worthwhile, but it’s the camaraderie that forms between the composers and performers that make you want to participate again – like I’m doing now.
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I love what Areon Flutes is doing to expand the repertoire for flute ensemble. They always bring something fun and exciting to their performances – and they’re fun people too. It’s been awesome working with them in the workshops leading up to the performance. Getting a chance to hear my piece during its draft stages was extremely valuable and gave me a chance to smooth out areas that needed more attention. The workshops weren’t one-sided either; The performers made comments and asked questions too. It’s not common for performers to offer opportunities like this, so I’ve been very appreciative of the feedback and support Areon Flutes gave throughout the process.

Imitation plays a big role throughout my piece. In the same way a musical line becomes layered when processed through delay, each flute carries an independent line (with some variation) that creates a composite texture across the ensemble. At times, the trio comes together into unified gestures; First, at sparse intervals, then gradually coming together more frequently as they reach an end.I have an event coming up this week: “Harlequin Mantis” for solo piano will be performed by Emily Tian at the Composers, Inc 2nd Annual Benefit Concert (FREE. Sunday, April 10 at 4pm at Walnut Creek Steinway Piano Gallery).
There are a few events worth noting from the organizations I work with. Seventh Avenue Performances: Meerenai Shim & Kris King (April 30) and Amaranth Quartet (May 28). Composers, Inc.: !BAMM! 2016 (May 21 and features Areon Flutes).

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Interview with composer Ryan Rey

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