Hey Guerrilla Groupies,

We’ll let Mr. Dunn take it from here:

Anyone who thinks classical music is going the way of the telephone booth needs to be kidnapped by the Guerrilla Composers Guild (GCG) and taken to the Center for New Music holding pen… dozens of new-music lovers crammed into the concert space to hear the evolving group Phonochrome and friends play six new chamber works by as many worthy composers. Almost everyone — performers, composers, and, most significantly, audience members — was apparently under 30. I can now die in peace knowing art music will continue to prosper… Speaking in Early Telephone Booth lingo, my Hat Is Off to all concerned with this Guerrilla enterprise.

– Jeff Dunn on GCG and Phonochrome, San Francisco Classical Voicehttps://www.sfcv.org/reviews/guerrilla-guilds-light-programming



Finally, thanks again to Gyre Music for sponsoring this show! It helps to have support form organizations that want to see us succeed and do what they can to ensure we do. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

GCG+Phonochrome in the San Francisco Classical Voice

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