Leading up to the Phonochromaticism concert on May 29th at the Center for New Music we will be talking to our composers and performers to get an idea of how their brains work and releasing one or two per day leading up to the show. Per usual, the composers will initially be anonymous, but you are welcome to read this (spoilers!) and give yourself a competitive advantage in guessing before the official announcement!

Who are you? Where did you get your start?

My name is Nathan Campbell. I’m originally from Washington State, but I’ve spent the past several years living in California. I started piano at an early age and I was soon composing.

NathanYou seem to be high in demand as of late, why this ensemble?

I really enjoy writing chamber music and I’m particularly fond of the many variations of the piano trio, which is what drove me to pursue working on this project with Phonochrome.

What can listeners expect?

While my music does have minimalist tendencies, I like to think of it more as an exploration of time and playing with our perception of proportion. I enjoy getting lost and finding the beauty in the patience that is required to be lost.

This concert is generously sponsored by Gyre Music:
Gyre Music was founded in 2000 to promote the compositions of Frank Wallace, which are called “contemporary musical emancipation” by NewMusicBox.org. Gyre has published over 100 songs as well as dozens of solos and chamber works for guitar with flute, clarinet, mandolin, violin, English horn, cello, viola and piano. Scores are available as PDF downloads or fine Printed Editions with art work and design by Nancy Knowles. Many recordings of Wallace’s works are also produced by Gyre and are consistently praised for their sonic beauty. Gyre Music is at www.gyremusic.com.


Phonochrome Composer – Nathan Campbell

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