Thanks for coming to our show and and even bigger thanks for caring enough to check out our page to see the correct program! We have a lot of fun mixing and matching composers (both dead and alive) to help you avoid bias and listen with your ears rather than your eyes, but now that the show is done we want to make sure you have a chance at remembering who did what, and it’s our hope you’ll reach out to that person.

So check out the program, go grab a beer, and come chat with us. And if you are reading this later, then feel free to post on our facebook and tell us what you thought of the show!

A sincere thanks to the Center for New Music, Jarring Sounds, the composers, and the volunteers who made this happen!

Jarring Sounds program (composers) (1)

Jarring Sounds is:
Danielle Reutter-Harrah, mezzo-soprano
Adam Cockerham, guitar/lute/theorbo

Nick Benavides
Danny Clay
Kyle Hovatter
Justin Ralls
Garrett Shatzer
Winton White
Jon Yu


Concert program for you curious types (Jarring Sounds)

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