Leading up to the concert on April 24th at the Center for New Music we will be talking to our composers and performers to get an idea of how their brains work and releasing one or two per day leading up to the show.

Per usual, the composers will initially be anonymous, but you are welcome to read this (spoilers!) and give yourself a competitive advantage in guessing before the official announcement!


Introducing a two time GCG participant and beer aficionado, Winton White:


Who are you, anyway?

My name’s Winton Yuichiro White.  I’m a Japanese/American hybrid originally from Japan but was made in America (wink wink).  My musical influences began with orchestral video game music and have branched out to jazz/hiphop/funk, folk/bluegrass, and the French Impressionists.  I enjoy strong melodies and rhythms to drive the emotional content I try to convey in my music.

What made you want to sign up for this crazy project?

I knew Danielle previous to this project having sung gigs with her several times.  She is a very fun, easy to work with gal that would make any composer want to work with her.  She’s also one of the most versatile vocalists I know in the Bay Area that can sing in various styles; not to mention her sight-singing skills.  Adam’s pretty cool too.

What is your process like? How did you find your poem and work with it?1978791_977584850647_195941146_n

Typically, a composer finds a pre-existing poem and have the text inspire their writing, allowing their music to be a conduit to deliver the text.  I ended up taking an unorthodox approach where I 1) came up with the music before the text and 2) wrote the poem myself.  Sort of a singer-song writer approach where the music and the poem were created organically side-by-side.  I’m not a writer of any sorts (including term papers) but with the help from my poet friends I was able to come up with a poem that I’m quite happy with.

Workshopping with Jarring Sounds was a rewarding experience.  It was an informal yet intimate setting where we freely asked questions.  Both Adam and Danielle explained to us thoroughly their instruments so that we can best write for them.  Extremely helpful, informative, and most definitely worthwhile.

Anything coming up that folks should know about?

On April 29th, my solo flute piece “Erratic Tale” will be performed at the 30th Anniversary Composers, Inc Concert.  I have the honor to have my piece performed along side with some of Bay Area’s top composers.


Composer – Winton White – Jarring Sounds (making our own)

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