The Examiner recommends attending Hot Air Music Festival on March 2nd for your health, and definitely recommends checking out the Guerrilla Composers Guild & International Low Brass Trio collaboration set! The second half will be theirs with pieces by Nick BenavidesShahab Paranj,Matthew Joseph Payne, and Lillian Yee that were workshopped last fall.

The first half will have brand new pieces by Benavides, Clay, Brendon Randall-Myers, and Ben Wallace for flute, cello, marimba, and electric guitar. The list of performers is impressive as each composer is using a dedicated group assembled for this show specifically, but the performers hail from the likes of PhonochromeMobius Trio, and Friction Quartet.

1pm is the kickoff in the Recital Hall and we can’t wait to see you there!

Preview program notes 2 out of 4:

Bog Bodies & other Macabre Miniatures, by Nick Benavides, is a collection (with video projections) inspired by the lives and stories of ancient, preserved corpses found in bogs, glaciers, and rocks throughout Europe. All of these bodies were analyzed by forensic experts, sometimes before it was known that they were thousands of years old. Because of the degree of preservation, these bodies allow us to peer into the lives of real human beings that lived not such different lives from us. While we are able to know almost everything about how they died and how they lived, there is just enough room for the imagination to fill in the rest…

Preview 1 of 2:

shadows cast shadows, by Danny Clay – a work that parks itself in that little nook between ¾ and 6/8 time and sits there for a while, just to see what happens.

And for your viewing pleasure, a shadowy picture of Danny doing what he does best on his favorite pink Valentine’s Day toy piano.


GCG previewed in the Examiner for Hot Air Music Festival

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