Calling all composers, we have two projects to announce and you have until January 1st to apply, so have a look! You need NOT have written a piece to apply, so please dig in and see what the deal is. As always, there is no application fee.

Application link: http://goo.gl/PXPgK9

Second, we are so excited to announce an upcoming project with Phonochrome, which will have a performance on May 29 at the Center for New Music here in San Francisco.

They are an up and coming collection of totally KILLER instrumentalists who are going to rock your world. Here is their bio:

Laura, Allegra, and Liz were inspired by each other’s playing and created Phonochrome as an opportunity to collaborate on unique and musically compelling projects together. Each an avid chamber musician, the commissioning project with the GCG marks the beginning of their work together as an official ensemble. They are elated to be working on a program that brings together their collective chamber music experience, passion for new music, and perhaps even some special guests! More information about the group and their upcoming Valentine’s Day concert can be found on their website, www.phonochrome.org

We have an open application to be a part of this project, and are looking for composers to round out the program! We’ll be working closely with Phonochrome to not only premiere YOUR next killer piece, but also workshop it so it’s your favorite piece in your portfolio, as well as theirs…

The application is FREE so apply riiiiiighhtt here (before January 1st):


Send us any questions you may have, and best of luck!


We truly could NOT be excited for our “spring season,” and think that both of these concerts are going to be incredible events.

Space is limited, so apply to one, or both, and join the Guerrillas!

Also, for the record, I was totally tempted to write “taste the rainbow” somewhere but I REFRAINED.

Phonochrome – choose your color (opportunity)

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