Attention all composers/sound artists/aural engineers and audio illusionists! The Guerrilla Composers Guild is proud to announce that our next project, in conjunction with the International Low Brass Trio, will be a commissioning project for low brass trio! The application is now LIVE and if you want to be involved, all you have to do is check out the rules and fill out our (overly painless) 5 minute or less survey. The application closes on September 6th, so GAME ON.

APPLY HERE –> http://goo.gl/nNvbQV

We are opposed to the idea of you having to pay to apply, or even write a piece you may not be able to hear, so as usual there is no application fee and you don’t need the piece to be finished or even started, you just need an idea that makes us curious.They will be touring Canada in December, and would love to have some new pieces to show off. Per usual, we will be workshopping your music with you and you will get a performance on November 15th, right here in San Francisco!
Even if you are unable to participate this time, be sure to like us on facebook as we do events throughout the year, and would love for you to have all the inside info.Inquire within:http://goo.gl/nNvbQV

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