Hey Guerrilla Groupies,

So we’ve been neglecting the real website, and for that we’re sorry. Sort of. Mostly. I mean, enough to be political about it.

But we’re going to get this thing going! Many of you who know about us know that we put pretty much everything up on facebook, so get updates there. But! We wanted to give you a heads up with what’s going down these days. Basically we’ve selected our Seal Team Six of composers for our percussion project (as noted by Kurt Rohde, everybody wants to be the guy with the smokes), and they are hard at work. We’re going to be meeting with them in a few days to see what they’re creating and workshop the hell out of their music, and can’t wait to put on the show!

Our brave participants of the compositional arts will be:

Dennis Aman, Luis Escareño, Lucas Floyd, Kyle Hovatter, Kaito Nakahori, & Ryan Rey.

For the record I’ve never seen Seal Team Six. It’s just really catchy, like Fox Force Five, or The Wild Thornberrys.

Stay tuned, in a few days we’ll be announcing the actual event and all the juicy details.


Percussion Project

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